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If you have answered yes to any of these questions, an Audit or Benchmarking Study may be right for your organization.

The results of our audit and/or benchmarking study will provide you with a set of concrete recommendations and implementation strategies to create stronger prospect pipelines, improved solicitation strategies, effective tools and resources necessary for a major gift prospects and/or capital campaign, and a professional development team working together to achieve your fundraising goals.

Audits look internally and will examine current practices and structure with the goal of helping you improve current operations. Audits will identify performance gaps, how best to use human resources, financial resources, and more. Benchmarking studies look externally and will help you understand your organization’s current performance gaps, performance metrics of comparable organizations, as well as best practices. Whether you choose an audit or benchmarking study or both, the process will help you improve current operations and will provide you with an action plan on how to integrate recommendations internally.  

Each audit and/or benchmarking study is tailored to your organization’s needs and each report is custom written.

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Audit & Benchmarking Studies

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